Institute of Microbiology

Competence for the Bundeswehr and beyond

  • We seek to identify biological threats and hazards thoroughly and quickly. Through research and the development of new technologies to prevent, identify and control health disorders caused by biological pathogens, we create the basis for applied medical biodefence. Our work aims at generating concepts, methods and products that can be directly applied in the medical support provided to Bundeswehr personnel.
  • We seek to provide a wide range of diagnostic procedures for all potential biological agents of concern and to rule out other pathogens.
  • We offer our specialized high-quality diagnostic services at all times not only to the Bundeswehr Medical Service but also to civilian clinical facilities and institutions of the civilian public health service.
  • We develop our test methods – wherever possible – by using pathogen strains and patient samples from endemic areas and we also aim to identify new or modified infectious agents in our diagnostic procedures as well.
  • We constantly update our procedures to the most recent developments in science and technology in order to achieve diagnostic improvements and to improve cost effectiveness.
  • We provide the Federal Ministry of Defence with highly-qualified operational forces and rapidly deployable laboratory components for global operations to investigate unusual disease outbreaks.
  • We are active in national and international networks for quality assurance and standardisation of diagnostics.