Institute of Microbiology

Medical biological reconnaissance

Head: Dr. Gelimer Genzel, Lieutenant Colonel, Medical Corps

The major responsibility of the Medical Biological Reconnaissance and Verification Department is to make the Institute's expertise and scientific know-how available worldwide, in particular to deployed Bundeswehr units. This involves the rapid diagnosis of diseases that may have been caused by biothreat agents in humans and animals under field conditions, giving advice on treatment options and recommending suitable protective measures.

Medical bio-reconnaissance is therefore faced with the challenge of having to provide detection techniques and specialist knowledge for a very wide range of conditions. The investigations are not limited to only rule out the involvement of potential biothreat agents. They must also consider a large number of diseases, such as malaria, meningitis or chicken pox, for differential diagnosis.

In the event of the suspected release of a biothreat agent, it is often necessary to also look at the natural occurrence of the disease in the respective region.